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Replacement – Silver amalgam fillings

Silver amalgam fillings or mercury fillings

Q. I have some old silver fillings, which are beginning to look bad, and I have concerns with the mercury that is in them. What can be done to improve them?

A. Silver amalgam fillings, which are composed of at least 50% mercury and the remaining material is silver alloy, eventually need to be replaced. It may surprise you to know that the average life span of a silver filling is only five years.

If your concern is strictly COSMETIC, there are many new methods available to replace the fillings with beautiful, functional, long lasting restorations.

Several different mercury free materials are available. White fillings called composites or resins are available and can be used if sufficient tooth structure remains to support the filling. If there is minimal tooth structure remaining, an impression of the remaining tooth is taken, and a porcelain crown can be fabricated.

If your concern is from the mercury content standpoint, then you might want to consider several options. The first is to review scientific literature related to the silver fillings.  As of now, amalgalm is one of the most well studied dental materials and no research has conclusively shown its link to any systemic health problems.  If you still are not convinced, we’ll be happy take your amalgalms out using rubber dam isolation and high speed suction to insure none of the mercury enters your body.  We will use cosmetic materials to replace them.

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